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Welcome to Facilitation Stories, where we discover how facilitators ended up in the profession, and how facilitation methods, principles and techniques are used more widely. Brought to you by IAF England and Wales. For more information on our chapter, click here.

Feb 9, 2021

This episode features three initiatives from members of the IAF England and Wales Chapter.

First, Nikki speaks to Mike Clargo about “Leading by Adventure”, a series of weekly adventures of around 15 minutes each, to offer people a different perspective.  They talk about where the idea came from, and how Mike was struck with the thought that we need something to support us to engage with change as a game, having fun, while building skills for the future. 

Mike tells Nikki about some of the adventures so far, and what’s to come, revealing that having generated ideas from his network, he has two and a half years of weekly adventures ready to share!

Mike explains how to find out more and get involved, simply by signing up at to begin receiving a weekly inbox adventure and to see the adventures that have already taken place.

Next, Pilar reminds us about the range of meetups run by the IAF England and Wales Chapter, all currently online and open to Facilitators and Friends wherever you are.  All of the details are on the England and Wales page of the IAF website.

Then , Pilar moves on to talk to Productivity Coach Emma Cragg about the monthly Zoom-based planning sessions she’s been running.   The 90 minute sessions on the last Friday of the month are designed to give people a space to plan for the month ahead.

Emma tells Pilar that the idea emerged from a need she had, and the value she’s found in the sessions.  They move on to talk about Emma’s wider coaching work, writing and focus on reflective routines.  Emma describes some of her own daily practices and Pilar shares a little of what she’s also begun to do in terms of journaling and reflective routines.

They finish the session looking back to Episode 3 when Emma first appeared on Facilitation Stories having only recently discovered the IAF England Wales Chapter at the conference in 2019.  She shares details of her newsletter “Gathered Thoughts” and her blog, more details of which are available on her website

In the final section, Pilar talks to England and Wales Chapter Board Member, Nicola Morris about a “Get it Done” day she hosted on Zoom at the end of 2020.   This was a day where a group of facilitators came together, sharing what they wanted to achieve over the day and having regular check-ins to support and encourage each other with questions. 

The day offered both some social chat and accountability to help people to get things done and reduce the opportunity to get distracted.  They found it helped them to make progress and break isolation and Nicola thinks it is likely there will be more in the future, details of which will be shared through the IAF Slack Channel and at meetups.


Mike Clargo – Leading by Adventure



Emma Cragg


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