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Welcome to Facilitation Stories, where we discover how facilitators ended up in the profession, and how facilitation methods, principles and techniques are used more widely. Brought to you by IAF England and Wales. For more information on our chapter, click here.

Aug 10, 2021

We have two guests joining our host Nikki Wilson in this episode: Steve Yorkstone, talking about IAF Scotland and Ewen Le Borgne, who talks about process literacy with Liberating Structures.

Steve Yorkstone, tells us about how he got involved with the IAF and how he's ended up running the IAF Scotland chapter. 


How to Make Your Virtual Event a Success

Aug 3, 2021

Suzanne Bennett, Board member of the International Association of Facilitators England and Wales chapter kicks off our blog with 5 hacks to make the most out of your virtual event. (Please note, this is a text blog post, with no audio attached to it.)

This post has some hacks to help make your virtual session...