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Welcome to Facilitation Stories, where we discover how facilitators ended up in the profession, and how facilitation methods, principles and techniques are used more widely. Brought to you by IAF England and Wales. For more information on our chapter, click here.

Dec 16, 2019

In this episode, Pilar talks to Gary Austin about what learning opportunities he's found during his 30 years as a facilitator.

But before that, we have a roundup of what's happening at the different Meetups from:

Susannah Raffe, @SusannahRaffe  

Peter Nelson  

Hilary Topp, @HTFacilitation

Megan Evans @megan_evans1  

Also check out what some of our other friends are doing:

Check out Gianpietro's sketch @gpinuk, so that link will also be in the show notes,


Gary describes the different facilitator titles that he's earned (and might earn at some point) from the IAF.

Link to full meeting.

Conversation with Gary Austin
How did he discover facilitation, and why did he move into the profession? And how does he use facilitation now, with his company circleindigo

How do people know they need a facilitator and decide to get in touch with circleindigo?

Gary has looked for those times when he can find out what other facilitators are doing, and attend those kinds of sessions that don't always seem relevant. He tells us about a couple of times that unexpectedly led to great learning experiences.

What are the kind of qualities/skills necessary to stay in facilitation for a long time. (Hint: values play a big part..., look out for our next episode!)

Every interaction is an opportunity for learning. Gary's been around the IAF for a while and is now part of the leadership team of the England and Wales chapter, and part of the IAF Global board.

Gary's last words: embed yourself in a network of peers and colleagues.

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